My pride and joy of an Online Workshop. It includes everything you need to know in order to grow your business. The best part is that you could benefit greatly from watching it being any skill level!

Here are just some of the many topics that it covers:

Editing - Instagram - Shooting - Pricing Posing - Backing Up Images - Gear - Contracts - Traveling for Weddings - ETC

What I teach in the workshop took me YEARS to discover and perfect. Light a flame under your business and help it to grow as fast as possible by Investing in yourself!


I would love to Mentor you! I offer a couple of different packages. If you want to book a mentor session then reach out through the contact page!

10 MINUTE FACETIME - $50 This is perfect if you only have a few questions you need answers too, and you need them fast!

45 MINUTE FACETIME - $200 Jump on a Facetime call with me and we will Discuss anything you want! Seriously, it is all up to you. I'm here to spill the beans

IN PERSON SHOOT & MENTOR - $600 Styled Shoot + 1.5 Hour in Person Mentor Session. Let's create something together!

CUSTOM EDUCATION Looking for something else in your Mentor Session? Thats great! Contact me and we can create a custom education package for you!


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